Friday, September 26, 2008

Green Gizzies

Everybody talks about saving the earth today. Products are earth-friendly, eco-friendly, footprint friendly, and just plain REAL friendly. My, my, aren't we just FRIENDLY people?

Actually, that's a good thing. There earth does need inhabitants that care about it. The inhabitants need other inhabitants that care about THEM. So, please, while you're out there buying green stuff and recycling your garbage, don't forget to recycle other things you don't want. Other people may actually need your cast-offs. Everybody tosses stuff out; clothes that don't fit or that are out of date or whatever, books that have been read, household items that you have replaced with new, improved versions, and the like.

So, when you take your papers, cans, and plastic bottles to the recycle bins and your plastic bags to the grocery store, drop your other recycleable items in the Salvation Army box or take them to a thrift store. I have a favorite saying that goes "no good deed goes unpunished". That, of course, is not true - it just feels that way sometimes. Random acts of kindness are spiritually uplifting to both the actor and the actee, just be careful and don't be stupid about it (you know, like giving people wearing masks a ride).

It won't do any good to save the earth if there isn't anyone left to enjoy it.

Sooooo, buy "green" stuff and recycle everything that is recycleable, including smiles, acts of kindness and hope.

You certainly didn't hear this first hear, but you are hearing again and again and again, blah, blah, blah. Well, we mean well.